About Us

Built in 2004, with additions all the way through 2022, Epic Fun Center is an addition to the Sports Center facility. 

The Epic Fun Center specializes in birthday parties for adults and children, as well as corporate team building events. Packages include various sporting activities and to maximize privacy, only one party is booked at a time.   We invite you to host any special event at our Epic Fun Center.

Epic Fun Center was forced to eliminate their Go-Kart Track part of the business after the rigorous hardships imposed on the company by the State through the 2020-2022 Goverment Shutdown. 

We were proud to offer our services to the community between the years of 2004 and 2020 and successfully facilitated birthday parties, corporate events, fund raising benefits, the Blue for Ben campaign, Bar Mitzvahs, graduation parties, and post-prom celebrations with the Go-Kart track as the centerpiece of such events. 

Thank you for your past support between 2004 and 2020, and we are despondently heartbroken to lose the Go-Karting part of Epic Fun Center that helped create so many positive memories for the WNY community.