Corporate Event Specials in Buffalo, NY

Corporate Events Buffalo, NYThe Epic Fun Center has hosted a variety of successful corporate events in the Buffalo, NY area.  Companies from around the country, such as Parker Hannifin Marketing from California, or Enterprise Rent-a-Car Regional, have enjoyed the bonding and team-building that takes place at a Fun Center Corporate Events.

Corporate team-building events and activities are an excellent way to develop a cohesive and trusting employee group. Employee bonds are strengthened, decreasing coworker conflict in the workplace.  Equal participation and effective communication help employees solve problems and achieve goals. Teamwork and trust are vital to the productivity of a business – success occurs when employees efficiently work together towards a common objective.

We have the ability to provide meeting essentials, such as tables, chairs, a PA system, etc.  Fun Center staff members can work with whatever vision you have for your corporate event—such as breaking your group into teams, and rotating through a series of different activities. 

Let the Epic Fun Center make your next corporate event a unique and memorable experience.

Corporate Team Building Through Sports

The Epic Sports Center offers a variety of sport options that require strategy and teamwork while catering to a wide range of physical capabilities. If your employees can count on each other on the field, they can rely on each other in the work place.

It is important to consider your main goals when planning your corporate team building event at the Epic Center. Different exercises cater to solving or improving upon different business challenges. Your planned activities should directly target issues in which you would like to see improvement so your team gets the most out of your corporate event.

For example, one of the most common corporate challenges we see is communication:

Corporate Communication Building

When your corporate team takes the field, they must rely heavily on communication to strategize and collaborate. Choose sports that require effective communication skills or split your team into groups and assign them a project to complete. Team building activities of this nature help group members effectively collaborate their efforts to reach a common goal. Communication is vital to business flow from email, to meetings, to video conferencing.

Reinforce Your Team Building Event with Regular Training

Effective team building happens every day of the year. Team building events should be conducted several times a year and relationship development should be incorporated into your corporate culture. By building a relationship focused routine with monthly trainings or workshops, you’re likely to see the most positive results. Utilize corporate team building events to tackle new challenges then reinforce what your team learned until your next corporate event.

Call the Epic Center today to learn what activities may be best for your team and schedule your team building event today!