Rentals at the Epic Center are a great way for every team to improve. Through practicing on realistic sports surfaces, players can develop the necessary touch to succeed. Also, regulation fields provide enough room for drills and scrimmages.

Rent our regulation youth soccer field (40 yards by 70 yards), our second open soccer field (85 feet by 185 feet), or our inline hockey rink (85 feet by 185 feet) for all your practice needs.  Last, our newly installed field in the Fun Center is approximately 100 feet by 90 feet, and is perfect for small-sided training. 

Rentals are made on a first come, first serve basis. Space may become limited, so make your rentals in advance. For details, call us at (716) 565-3742 or e-mail us at

Spikes and Outdoor footwear are NOT allowed on any of our turf fields.  Players wearing such footwear will be pulled from participation.  Coaches, please advise your players to wear sneakers/flats/ indoor shoes ONLY.  Thank you in advance.

The rates indicated below do NOT apply to birthday parties!  Please see for birthday party information!


Rental Space 1 - 7 Hours 8 + Hours
Inline Hockey Rink $200/hour $190/hour
Inline Hockey Rink For Currently Registered Players* $150/hour $150/hour
Open Field 1 $275/hour $265/hour
Open Field 2 $235/hour $225/hour
Open Field 3 $185/hour $175/hour
Open Field 4 $155/hour $145/hour
Open Field 5^ $85/hour $75/hour

Friday and Saturday Night Special (6:00pm - 12:00am): Rent the inline rink for only $140 per hour!

*"Current Player Special"-- already play here?  Are you currently registered with a Player Pass AND Valid S.O.D.A. Insurance?  Fee is $150 per hour.  Bonus-- no one from your group needs to be a current registered player...As long as the individual signing up for the rental is a current player, you're good to go!  Call us today for availability!

^Open Field #5 can ONLY be rented out if there are other activities scheduled in the Fun Center for those days and times, such as rentals on the other fields or batting cages, to help Epic Center to better conserve energy.  Open Field #5 is intended to be an individual training field so that coaches can work closely with a minimum amount of players.  There is a maximum of four (4) players allowed per hour, plus two (2) trainers maximum per hour.