Indoor Soccer Leagues in Buffalo, NY

The Epic Center’s soccer program is one of the largest in Upstate New York. Teams from all over the region come to compete at our premier facility.

Indoor Soccer Buffalo, NYSoccer leagues at the Epic Center are for people of all ages. Players range from six years old to adults. All of our leagues provide a fun and competitive environment.

Most youth and adult soccer games are played on our first open field, which is 40 yards by 70 yards. Our co-ed league plays on both Open Field #1, and Open Field #2 which is 85 feet by 185 feet, depending on our scheduling needs. 

During summer, only adult leagues are available. These games are played indoors.

All youth players need B.W.N.Y. insurance.  All youth teams must submit an official Epic Center Roster AS WELL AS an updated RosterPro. Please ask your Club President for details regarding the RosterPro. All Adult players must be registered on an official Epic Center roster.  

Player Passes:

If you currently have a Player Pass and are registered, you are now a LIFETIME MEMBER of Epic Center, and you'll never have to buy a Player Pass again.

Starting in April 2024, if you currently don't have a Player Pass and registration with Epic Center, you need to pay a one-time fee of $25 at the front counter before your first game.  You will be required to submit photo ID and sign a registration/waiver.  Players under 18 years old need to have a parent/ guardian over the age of 21 to sign the documentation.


Youth soccer players and coaches DO NOT need to buy a Player Pass.

Please print, complete, and mail our 2023-2024 Soccer Registration Form with your payment. 
Additonally, please complete the Roster/Waiver.

Session Information (*Sessions 4 and 5 are Adult only.)  Dates below reflect session start weeks facility-wide, not neccessarily exact start dates.

Session Starts Ends Games Team Fee^ Free* Rental Registraton Deadline
One 09/05/23 10/31/23 8 $845 Yes 08/21/23
Two 11/01/23 01/01/24 8 $855 Yes 10/18/23
Three 01/02/24 05/07/24 12 $1225 No 12/23/23
Four 05/08/24 07/02/24 8 $755 Yes 04/24/24
Five 07/05/24 08/31/24 8 $755 Yes 07/01/24

^Team fee does not include ref fees.  Starting in the January 2024 session, Ref fees are $20 per game, cash.   A deposit of $200.00 or payment in full must accompany the team registration form. If a team forfeits its game, it is responsible for all referee fees.  $30 must be paid prior to the forfeiting team's next game for the remainder of the November session; $40 must be paid prior to the forfeiting team's next game starting in the January 2024 session.

*Sign up by the registration date deadline and receive one hour free venue rentals. Must be used by the end of the session. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a free pracice for the January session.

Age Restrictions

Age Division Birth Year Open 1 Max Open 2 Max Proposed Days
Under 10 2014 7 v. 7 7 v. 7 Sat/Sun
Under 11 2013 8 v. 8 N/A Sat/Sun/Mon
Under 12 2012 8 v. 8 N/A Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun
Under 13 2011 7 v. 7 N/A Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun
Under 14 2010 7 v. 7 N/A Tue/Fri/Sat/Sun
Under 15 2009 7 v. 7 N/A Wed/Thu/Sun
Under 16 2008 7 v. 7 N/A Wed/Fri/Sun
Co-Ed 2005 7 v. 7 7 v. 7 I/II/III Fri, IV/V Tues
Men's 2005 7 v. 7 6 v. 6 Tue/Wed/Thu
Over 30 1993 7 v. 7 6 v. 6 Sun/Thu
Over 35 1988 7 v. 7 7 v. 7 Sun/Thu
Over 40 1983 7 v. 7 7 v. 7 Sun/Thu

In general, the main day(s) of league play is bolded above.  Other days serve as "spillover" days on which one or more league games are scheduled to accomodate an influx of teams, the need to finish the league on time, or scheduling requests from team captains.  Usually spillover games get scheduled later on in the season.

There will be no games 12-24-23 through 1-1-24.  Epic Center reserves the right to schedule games on days other than the listed "proposed days."  These will be scheduled late in the session and will be reasonable times based on your age group.

Ref Fees and Rescheduled Games:

Team pays referee fees ($15.00 per team, $20 per team starting in January 2024) directly to the referee before each game.  There is a $30 charge for any forfeits, $20 per team starting in January 2024, due by the next game.  (If a team forfeits its game, it is responsible for both referee fees.)

Rescheduling must be done within the first two weeks of the session.  The team requesting a reschedule will receive availability options from Epic Center Management as scheduling allows.  The two teams are responsible for agreeing where the game will be rescheduled and will contact Epic Center.  Epic Center makes absolutely NO guarantee that games requested to be rescheduled will actually be rescheduled.  We encourage coaches and captains to accurately fill out the scheduling request portion when registering, to cut down on last-minute cancellations and inconveniences for the other teams in the league.  Please be mindful of why games really need to be rescheduled and review our registration form to see our restrictions.

Any rescheduling done after the second week must be approved by the owner and a $20.00 administration fee must be paid.  All reschedules must be emailed to Epic Center.  Not all reschedule requests are guaranteed.


Soccer Team Registration

Register your team online below, or print a blank Registration Form to fill out manually


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*Submission of this online registration does not fully and automatically register your team. Please remit a down-payment in person (Cash, Check, VS/MC) or mail a check to our address.

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